Proofing Pains (PODCAST)

What is it about proof reading and editing our work that is so frustrating? I always find it the most draining part of writing anything - a short story, a longer story or a full length book. The editing takes the longest, and is my least favourite part. How do I combat these issues? The… Continue reading Proofing Pains (PODCAST)


Abducted With Siri (Fiction)

Sarah held her breath as the rope cut into her hands and down her thigh. How did she end up here? It wasn't how she thought her life would end... Trapped in a car, being kidnapped and taken who knows where. The man in the driver's seat was screaming something to the woman in the… Continue reading Abducted With Siri (Fiction)


Shoot Out

He snapped his head around the old car and a bullet whipped by his cheek. Pulling back just in time, Oliver breathed in and out as he silently moved his hands in the symbol for a cross. Lifting his head back up, he raised his own gun, firing at one of the cops who had… Continue reading Shoot Out


The End…?

The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles is at 70 instalments this month - 70!!!! Which is the END to a large PART ONE of her adventures. When I reached this 'ending' it made me feel accomplished, but also a little sad - because it really is like the end. So, what happens now? Do I keep writing… Continue reading The End…?


Happy New Year…BANG (Furious Fiction)

Below is a Furious Fiction written for the AWC in January 2020 - Enjoy!   Happy New Year... BANG “Three, Two, One! Happy New Year!” Cheering echoed through the city. “Cue the fireworks,” Elliot chirped beside me, as the sky lit up. I peeled my eyes away from the spectacular display in my binoculars, and… Continue reading Happy New Year…BANG (Furious Fiction)