Abducted With Siri (Fiction)

Sarah held her breath as the rope cut into her hands and down her thigh. How did she end up here? It wasn't how she thought her life would end... Trapped in a car, being kidnapped and taken who knows where. The man in the driver's seat was screaming something to the woman in the… Continue reading Abducted With Siri (Fiction)


A Confidence Boost From Disaster (The Event)

"You're in! We think YOU have potential. Now, give us all the money...."Sound ridiculous? It was. Back when I was still a starry eyed teenager, thinking I could become a STAR (a dream I put to rest once I realised the spotlight was NOT for me!), I went to my first, and only, audition. There was a… Continue reading A Confidence Boost From Disaster (The Event)


Mechanical Issue (Fiction)

DeeDee searched her purse again, the frown lines deepening on her forehead. She knew she had left her keys in that side pocket, but they were nowhere to be found. With a frustrated groan, DeeDee tipped the entire bag upside down on the cafe table, searching through the contents. "Are you okay DeeDee?" Andrea, her best… Continue reading Mechanical Issue (Fiction)


Body in The Freezer

Susan walked through the aisles at the supermarket and frowned. All the frozen vegetables were nowhere to be seen, just like the other shelves. The panic over the world outside, had caused 'panic buying' but because she hadn't gotten in on it, there was now nothing on the shelves. Sighing and rolling her eyes, she… Continue reading Body in The Freezer


The Cake (Furious Fiction)

Enjoy the Furious Fiction from April 2020! I did 😀 The lemon, wedding cake wobbled in my arms. I shifted it, then continued to walk alongside the dirt road. I was still miles from the venue, and the rain from last night was not helping as I sidestepped another puddle. That damn car had always… Continue reading The Cake (Furious Fiction)