Abducted With Siri (Fiction)

Sarah held her breath as the rope cut into her hands and down her thigh. How did she end up here? It wasn't how she thought her life would end... Trapped in a car, being kidnapped and taken who knows where. The man in the driver's seat was screaming something to the woman in the… Continue reading Abducted With Siri (Fiction)


21st Century Message in a Bottle

Is TikTok just for teenagers?I'm not a teenager - let's just start this off with that fact right now... but, i've found myself dragged into the recent phenomenon that is TikTok, where I realised something - it's not just for teenagers!! There are so many people, old, young and in between, who are on TikTok!!… Continue reading 21st Century Message in a Bottle


A Real Murder Mystery

Recently I posted up a Furious Fiction Short Story called 'Lady Eloise' It contained something Interesting - a murder, and a party, and a birthday (link to the story will be at the end of this post, so keep reading)... When I was in Year 7 at school, I went to a Murder Mystery party… Continue reading A Real Murder Mystery



Your Briefing: Hannah Carmichael was a Super Spy,  trying to take down CGT - an evil spy agency which she used to be a part of. Her husband Zeke, was secretly working to take them down as well, and roped Hannah and her friend and fellow agent Stephanie into the fight. Hannah's mother Evelyn was… Continue reading WHERE AM I? (HCC 61)