Murder App (Ch 2)

Ella pushed the door open and dropped her bag in the entryway of her two-story home. Finally home at 9 am. Ted would probably be at work by now, so she had some time to decompress on her own. The sounds of paws clattering across the wood floors grew louder as their golden Labrador barrelled… Continue reading Murder App (Ch 2)



ENJOY THIS SHORT FURIOUS FICTION STORYDO NOT OVERLOAD THESE MACHINESThe words were in big block letters and I read, then reread them over and over. I tapped my foot quickly as the sun on my back continued to heat my neck.He was late.My first drop at a laundromat and he was late.A short woman in… Continue reading The LAUNDROMAT (FURIOUS FICTION)


The Murder App (Ch1)

Chapter 1 Ella Strong stood from her crouch beside the victim's body. The smell was getting stronger, but she stopped breathing with her nose and turned towards the medical examiner. "It looks like the others," she said. Sandra Ellis - The Medical Examiner - gave a short nod. Deep crease lines etched in her forehead.… Continue reading The Murder App (Ch1)


Superpowers Anyone?

"To infinity, and beyond!" "Holy guacamole, Batman!" "I am Iron Man." Superheroes are IN right now. Whether you're a Marvel movie fan, a DC TV show fan, or comic book fanatic - they are in style. They got a revamp, and I am in the category of 'Fan'! I love superhero movies, tv shows, and anything in… Continue reading Superpowers Anyone?



He stood straighter, “It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should, therefore, be treated with great caution.” She noted his stern expression, then locked eyes with the artifact. “So how do we stop The Eraser? Using the artifact?” He frowned, “I wish he had a better supervillain name. I feel like we’re fighting a… Continue reading The Eraser (FURIOUS FICTION)