The ULTIMATE Prank…?

"As she ducked behind an abandoned information counter, Hannah set herself up as if she worked there and sighed. “You know I think this is a ridiculous idea right?” Zeke asked through their communication earwigs. “Maybe, maybe not. The brain is an interesting maze,” Hannah said quietly as two pilots passed her on the tarmac."… Continue reading The ULTIMATE Prank…?


A Confidence Boost From Disaster (The Event)

"You're in! We think YOU have potential. Now, give us all the money...."Sound ridiculous? It was. Back when I was still a starry eyed teenager, thinking I could become a STAR (a dream I put to rest once I realised the spotlight was NOT for me!), I went to my first, and only, audition. There was a… Continue reading A Confidence Boost From Disaster (The Event)


Birthday Surprise.. (Furious Fiction)

"New shoes?” “That’s what it says.” Emma looked up and frowned. They were in Aimee Park and they were already losing light. “How are we going to find those, when the shops are over an hour away? We only have thirty minutes left.” Stacey shrugged. “Guess we move on to the next item on the… Continue reading Birthday Surprise.. (Furious Fiction)


Mechanical Issue (Fiction)

DeeDee searched her purse again, the frown lines deepening on her forehead. She knew she had left her keys in that side pocket, but they were nowhere to be found. With a frustrated groan, DeeDee tipped the entire bag upside down on the cafe table, searching through the contents. "Are you okay DeeDee?" Andrea, her best… Continue reading Mechanical Issue (Fiction)


CGSP Facebook Live Recap (May2020)

Did you miss the Facebook Live that happened on the CGSP FB site last week? Most people did, but that could be because it was in the middle of a work day. What with me working from home right now, I didn't take that into account. BUT, fear not, because aside from moving the day… Continue reading CGSP Facebook Live Recap (May2020)